The 2009 DR Collectors' Tins features the most popular and powerful monsters on a sleek and sturdy protective metal case. The first 3 tins to be released in November contain Archie Rhodes, Johnny Robinson and Seth Roberts`s ace monsters. Those being Guardian of the Light Helios Ultimatum, Guardian of the Spatial Rift and Godril Master of the Universe from Colossal Nightmare and Heavenly Power.

While the second wave of tins will premiere 2 very powerful cards from the booster sets, Ancient Ruins and Infinite Blizzard. While to of the set are supposed to be Guardians in the form of Rikoryu Tekishi's Gorion, the Relic Guardian, Joanna Anderson's Guardian of the Frozen Tundra. The other one opposing it, will be one of the Shadow Army's Dark Masters, Chaotic Bringer of Death.


  • Wave 1: 25th November
  • Wave 2: 31st December

Wave 1Edit

Each Tin includes:

Guardian of the Light Helios UltimatumEdit

File:Guardian of the Light Helios Ultimatum Tin.png

Guardian of the Spatial RiftEdit

File:Guardian of the Spatial Rift Tin.png

Godril Master of the UniverseEdit

File:Godril Master of the Universe Tin.png

Wave 2Edit

Each Tin includes:

Gorion, the Relic GuardianEdit

File:Gorion, the Relic Guardian Tin.png

Guardian of the Frozen TundraEdit

File:Guardian of the Frozen Tundra Tin.png

Chaotic Bringer of DeathEdit

File:Chaotic Bringer of Death Tin.png

TCG Edit

DR Series One:
Colossal Nightmare - Heavenly Power - Ancient Ruins - Infinite Blizzard - Flame of Hope

DR Special Edition Sets:
Colossal Nightmare - Heavenly Power - Ancient Ruins - Infinite Blizzard

DR Duelist Packs:
Archie Rhodes

DR Reprint Series:
Ultimate Powers 1

DR Hyper Packs:
Hyper Pack: Booster One - Hyper Pack: Booster Two

DR Structure Decks:
Raging Blaze

DR Starter Decks:
Yu-Gi-Oh! DR Starter Deck 2010

DR Collectable Tins:
2009 DR Collectors' Tins - 2009 DR Exclusive Tins

DR Duel Terminals:
Duel Terminal - Rise of Iron

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