History during the Lost Seasons

Island Ticket

The Dark Desire is a part of the soul of a Duelist,which can only be released after a defeat in a Duel with either Felgrand Armies or Duel Guards,when it is released the duelist who possesses it becomes cruel,evil,hopeless and has only bad intentions deep inside of his heart during a Duel,he only duels to see how the opponent is crushed by his defeat and because he wants to destroy all around him.Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler have both become evil with the Dark Desire,but although Joey Wheeler was angry and relentless,he duels to defeat the Felgrand Armies and the Duel Guards while Yugi Muto is transformed into the Dark Spellcaster Lord.The duelist can only go back to his/her normal form after it is defeated by a duelist that is either equal or more skilled in Duel than him.

Reverse Hazards

It is unknown why or when,but Yugi Muto will be drained by the Dark Desire when returning back on time,to old duels he had before like the Alcatraz Tower(but this time things will change)to defeat the new duelists that will appear then and to save Joey Wheeler,Seto Kaiba and the world.He will have to fight against the power of the Dark Desire and use it for good intentions instead of bad ones or he will be trapped in that time forever without any escape

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