History during the Lost Seasons

Island Ticket

The Dark Master is the dark ruler-like version of Bakura.His deck is made of Dark monsters like Jinzo,Snipe Stalker or Vampire Lord,combined with 20 destructive Spell and Trap Cards that allow his deck to have an advantage of draw to get the best cards at his hand every time he wants it.He has lots of strategies,one is to summon Jinzo to the field and set Mirror Force,Sakuretsu Armor or more likely,Ordeal of a Traveler,that way his Jinzo is safe from monster attacks or Traps but not from Spell Cards unless Breaker the Magical Warrior,Snipe Stalker,Swarm of Locusts or Barrel Dragon is on the field.Another is to get Maju Garzett either by Spell or Trap Cards that allow him to draw more cards like Pot of Greed,Jar of Greed,Graceful Charity,Reckless Greed,Pot of Avarice or Card Destruction or by the effect of Sangan so while drawing lots of cards he summons different monsters on the field and when he has 4 or more monsters in his hand like Jinzo or Barrel Dragon,he finds a way to tribute monsters on the field so he can summon them to the field and when they are summoned,he can tribute them to summon Maju Garzett with an ATK of 5000,enough to crush the opponents monsters.He is the second Duel Guard to defeat after A.G. is defeated by Bastion from the Future,he is also defeated by him.



Barrel Dragon

Vampire Lord

Maju Garzett


Wall of Illusion

Spear Cretin


Red-Eyes B.Chick

Swarm of Locusts

Swarm of Scarabs

Snipe Stalker(3)


Doctor Cranium


Breaker the Magical Warrior(2)

Premature Burial

Nobleman of Crossout(2)

Dark World Lightning

Pot of Greed

Swords of Revealing Light

Soul Exchange

Graceful Charity

Tribute to the Doomed

Pot of Avarice

Card Destruction

Sakuretsu Armor

A Hero Emerges

Interdimensional Matter Transporter(2)

Ordeal of a Traveler

Kunai with Chain

Jar of Greed

Reckless Greed

Mirror Force

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