History during the Lost Seasons

Island Ticket

This is the dark side of Yugi Muto,result of the Dark Desire Yugi couldn't control during a Duel in the 7 Tournaments,in which he loses and Grand catches him to take him to his island and transform him into an Evil Being.This dark version of Yugi is the ruler of the Island and the Best Duelist,who duels every unwelcome guest and those who lose the Duel are send to Grand to become part of the Felgrand Armies.One day while dueling,the Dark Spellcaster Lord is challenged to a Duel by Joey Wheeler,in which he loses and runs away. Then,after realizing his defeat,he becomes Yugi Muto once again

Reverse Hazards

During the 3rd Lost Season,Yugi will travel to past to become once again a Duelist and prevent Grand from escape in the 7 tournaments.But now he will find Dark counterpart versions of his cards and some other cards that will help him defeat new duelists,but what he doesn't know is that this cards are polluted with pieces of what was left of the Dark Desire,so he will have to choose between rule the Earth with Grand or defeat him once and for all

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