Infinity Beast - Rainbow Warrior

Rainbow Warrior

Infinity Beast - Rainbow Warrior is the first Infinity Beast Synchro, and it is a mighty strong one. The only Tuner you can use for it is an Infinity Beast, in return you get 3000 points of attack power, as well as the ability to destroy 1 monster on the field each turn, at the cost of giving up your attack with it. This allows you to surpass incredible cards, like the Dark Masters and Guardians. However, this card's weakness is Trap cards which negate this, or cards like Stardust Dragon. But all in all, Rainbow Warrior is a great addition to an Infinity Beast deck, so good luck with this monster!

Genex Triarm

Genex Triarm

Genex Triarm, known as Ally Genex Triarm in the japanese version, is Victor's new Synchro monster. It is still to be released in Japan in one of the popular Duel Terminal arcade machines, and will most likely to be released in a future set of DR. This Synchro monster must use Genex Controller and 1 non-Tuner, in return you get 2400 points of attack power, and it's effect. It's effect varies on the non-Tuner used for it, if you discard a card. If it's Wind your opponent discards, if it's Water you can destroy a Spell or Trap on the field, if it's a Dark monster you get to destroy a Light monster and draw a card.

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