History during the Lost Seasons

Island Ticket

The Felgrand Armies are an army of Elite Duelists chosen from around the World with the best decks and strategies.They are sent and hired by Grand to defeat all unwelcome guests that arrives to the Island of Dragons.It is extremely dangerous to duel them,because the loser is consumed by his Dark Desire and is transformed into another duelist to join the Felgrand Armies.Actually they are duelists defeated in the planet by the Duel Guards and Grand to become part of his Felgrand Armies,when they are defeated,the Dark Desire inside of them grows and so does rage,in that way they can defeat duelists arriving to the Island of Dragons without any trouble.They are all defeated by Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler.Rakum Gensutku and Riot Gensutku are both part of this army until they are also defeated by the duelists mentioned before

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