History during the Lost Seasons

The 7 Tournaments

During the first 2 episodes of this season,Joey Wheeler challenges Grand to a Duel.Grand wants a human body(because he has the body of the "Felgrand Dragon") to escape the Virtual Dimension he and Joey are in,but with a human body,so he wants to defeat Joey Wheeler,but is defeated and then he escapes somehow from the Virtual Dimension.After that,he arrives to Earth,but appears until the 7 Tournaments are finished and takes Yugi Muto to the Island of Dragons to transform him into an evil being.

Island Ticket

It is unknown how,but after having the body of the "Felgrand Dragon",Grand gets himself a human body and a new Deck,which he finds in a cave.After that he prepares the invasion in the Island of Dragons and sends the Felgrand Armies,which many of them are defeated by Joey Wheeler,to defeat all unwelcome guests on the Island such as Yugi Muto,Joey Wheeler,Riot Gensutku,Rakum Gensutku,Seto Kaiba and Yuel,who are all defeated by A.G..It seems he will be challenged to a Duel by Yugi Muto.During this Duel he uses the same cards in the TCG Structure Deck:Zombie World

Battle Bridge

After the defeat of the Felgrand Armies and the Duel Guards,Grand sends his final weapon and the ultimate,the Ancient Masters.If they are defeated, Yugi Muto,Joey Wheeler,Seto Kaiba,Riot Gensutku or Rakum Gensutku will have a chance to finally defeat once and for all Grand in Duel.

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