Hyper Pack: Booster Two is the second Hyper Pack of the Yu-Gi-Oh! DR's 1st Series after Hyper Pack: Booster One .
Set Specifications
File:Hyper Pack: Booster Two.png
  • English Set Name: Hyper Pack: Booster Two
  • TCG Set Prefix: HP02
  • TCG Release Date: 6th December 2009
  • Cover Card: Fire Magician, Water Magician, Earth Magician and Wind Magician
  • How to Obtain: Order on this page's discussion. You must give your location. Only Pre-Orders are available at the moment.
  • 5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box
  • Includes 30 cards:

TCG Set Card Galleries
1st Edition

TCG Set Card Lists

Spoiler Card List
  • HP02-EN001 Fire Magician
  • HP02-EN002 Water Magician
  • HP02-EN003 Earth Magician
  • HP02-EN004 Wind Magician
  • HP02-EN005
  • HP02-EN006
  • HP02-EN007
  • HP02-EN008
  • HP02-EN009
  • HP02-EN010
  • HP02-EN011
  • HP02-EN012
  • HP02-EN013
  • HP02-EN014
  • HP02-EN015
  • HP02-EN016
  • HP02-EN017
  • HP02-EN018
  • HP02-EN019
  • HP02-EN020
  • HP02-EN021
  • HP02-EN022
  • HP02-EN023
  • HP02-EN024
  • HP02-EN025
  • HP02-EN026
  • HP02-EN027
  • HP02-EN028
  • HP02-EN029
  • HP02-EN030

TCG Edit

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