Island Ticket its the second lost season of Yugioh.In this season Joey Wheeler travels to the Island of Dragons to rescue

Yugi Muto from the evil duelist Grand and its Felgrand Dragon,but to acomplish his goal,Joey Wheeler must defeat two new

Duelists along the road like Riot Gensutku with his Ground Taker Deck and Rakum Gensutku with his Sealife Deck,also lots of Felgrand

Armies will be attacking the Duelist to prevent him from completing his mission by dueling him with lots of Decks around

the whole world.But not everything will be so easy as Joey Wheeler must choose between defeat Grand and his new Red-Eyes

Zombie Dragon Deck so he can rescue Yugi Muto or go back in time to repair all his mistakes by force.

No sets have been released to promote this season because no new cards were used

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