History during the Lost Seasons

The 7 Tournaments

During the first Lost Season,the 3rd World Champion has to win a ticket to travel to the Island of Dragons to face a new trembling evil:Grand and its Felgrand Dragon.He defeats every duelist in his road,until he knows that Yugi Muto was defeated by Bakura,he challenges Bakura to a Duel and Bakura loses the chance he had to win the ticket,that way Joey wins the ticket and prepares his Deck to travel to the island the next day after the tournament finishes

Island Ticket

During the 2nd Lost Season,Joey looks for Yugi Muto in the island but never founds him,he defeats every duelist until he finds Yugi Muto and defeats him.Unfortunately,Joey is consumed by his Dark Desire and loses in mind his purpose so he is easily defeated by a mistery duelist and Yugi Muto recovers back his mind

Reverse Hazards

During the 3rd Lost Season,Joey is transformed by Grand in a Dark Duelist,he has just one purpose now:defeat Yugi Muto in Duel using Dark versions of his monsters,defeat everyone that is against Grand and his Felgrand Armies and conquer the souls of everyone with the help of the Dark Desire as his soul is been consumed and cracking

Battle Bridge

During the 4th Lost Season,Joey will be freed by Yugi Muto from the control of Grand,but the Dark Desire will still be consuming his mind and his soul,so using the Dark versions of his monsters he can help Yugi Muto defeat the Ancient Masters or betray him


Blast Bomb

Blast Device

Red-Eyes Black Wolf

Space Bridge

Plasma Portal

Psycho Mask

Release the Dragon

Blast Arrival

Blast Gate

Battle of the Dragons

Blast Lake

Beast Magma

Magma Warrior LV 3

Magma Warrior LV 5

Magma Warrior LV 7

Axe Centaur

Restricted Spirit

Crossout Tribute

Universal Gate

Dark Rage

Flying Ship

Blast Speeder

Spear Blast Dragon

Blast Knight

Blast Scorpion

Blast Archer

Blast Soldier

Blaster Fang Dragon

Blast Warrior

Blast Overdoom

Blast Wave

Blaster Trap Hole

Blaster Boom Road

Blast Machine

Sun Ninja

Safe Battling

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