History during the Lost Seasons

Island Ticket

He is one of the duelists of the Felgrand Armies and is defeated by Yugi Muto in Duel.After that he promises he will help him defeat Grand.After walking over the Island he finds A.G.,but he is defeated and sent to a Trap Hole,literally.

Reverse Hazards

During the 3rd Lost Season,Rakum will help Yugi Muto defeat lots of new opponents causing struggle now on Earth and recover back Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba

Battle Bridge

Rakum will be with Riot Gensutku to defeat the Ancient Masters and then some duelists he finds along the road

Check List

Here's a list of Rakum's Cards found on Yugioh TCG Sets 2009-?.This cards are used by Rakum Gensutku during Island Ticket,Reverse Hazards and Battle Bridge



Whale Shark

Wave Guard

Wave Creation

Aqua Castle

Plasma Ray

White Bear

Piranha Devourer

Swordfish Battle Beast

Sun Dolphin

Spike Lionfish

Underwater Dragon

Wave Dragon


Ocean of Magma

Ice Statue

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