Reverse Hazards its the third lost season of Yugioh.In this season Yugi Muto goes back in time to become once again a

duelist by defeating in Duel lots of new stronger opponents sent by Grand to prevent Yugi Muto from become a duelist

once again.But this time things will be different as Yugi Muto faces the most powerful rivals in Domino City and finds Dark

versions of his monsters as he will need to find soon the Dark Desire to win Duels and have a chance to rescue Joey Wheeler or

see how the world cracks with Grand as its ruler

6 out of 8 sets have been released to promote this season because new cards will be used and you can collect those cards in:

Damage Checker

Toxic Pollution

Battle of Tools

Surge of Destruction

Harvester of Sorrow

Explosion Blaster

Enigmatic Force

Power Equalizer(set)

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