History during the Lost Seasons

Island Ticket

During the 2nd Lost Season,Riot is one of the Duelists of the Felgrand Armies but he is defeated by Seto Kaiba in Duel and that way,Riot promises to help him defeat the Felgrand Armies.Unfortunately,after the Felgrand Armies are defeated,Grand has another idea,send his personal Duel Guards to defeat once and for all the remaining duelists in the Island.Riot is defeated by A.G. and is sent to a Fissure,literally.

Reverse Hazards

During the 3rd Lost Season,Riot escapes from the Island of Dragons by dueling Yugi Muto(because when he's defeated by A.G. he goes back to his evil form) to help Yugi Muto defeat more duelists back in Earth

Battle Bridge

During the 4th Lost Season,Riot will help in the defeat of duelists of high potential as the Ancient Masters and then maybe will be staying at Earth with Rakum Gensutku just to face Yugi Muto,Joey Wheeler and some other duelists he finds on the road


E.M. Warrior

E.M. Dragon

E.M. Blaster

E.M. Experiment Lab

E.M. Rock Cracker

E.M. Scorpion

E.M. Reptile

E.M. Golem

E.M. Crow

E.M. Beast

E.M. Lobster

E.M. Tree

E.M. Releaser

E.M. Tribe

Ground Master

Burning Ground

Digging the Hole

Battling the Fear

Jungle Temple

Snake Warrior

Fiend Dragon

Ancient Pot

Hammer Strike

Ground Fury Ape

Web Spider

Rockstone Dragon

Zombie Dragon

Ground Dragon

Ground Rat

Zombie Cerberus

Cerberus Legend

Taking the Terra

Jungle Offering

E.M. Trap Hole

Island of Death

Lake House

Trap for the Fish

Food Chain


Fauna Binding

Predator Strike

Doom Dragon

Underground Chaos Dragon

Underground Diamond Titan

Underground Metal Lion

Ground Thunder

Species Depletion

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