The 7 Tournaments its the first lost season of Yugioh.After the mysterious defeat of Grand,Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler enters into a series of tournaments sponsored by Seto Kaiba with a chance to win a mysterious price,which ends up being a ticket to travel to the Island of Dragons.Yugi Muto defeats all duelists and wins the first 6 tournaments ending in second place while Joey Wheeler finishes the first 7 tournaments in third place,but before he wins the final tournament,Yugi Muto is defeated in Duel by Bakura,who wins the 7 tournaments in first place.After realizing what happened to Yugi Muto,Joey Wheeler challenges Bakura to a Final Duel for the ticket,when he wins and Bakura mysteriously disappears.The next day Joey Wheeler prepares his Deck to go to the Island of Dragons without knowing he will face once again Grand in Duel.

No sets have been released to promote this season because no new cards were used

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