The Expansion Threat is the first set of Yugioh Unknown Series. It is followed by Offensive Vision

Set Specifications
  • English Set Name: The Expansion Threat
  • TCG Set Prefix: EXTH
  • TCG Sneak Preview:
  • TCG Sneak Preview Participation Card:
  • TCG Release Date: 2009 or 2010
  • Cover Card:
  • How to Obtain: Check out the Card Gallery
    • Includes cards from Yugioh Unknown Series Manga
    • 10 new exclusive TCG cards and 10 cards from Yugioh 5ds
  • 9 cards per pack, 24 packs per box
  • Includes 100 cards:

TCG Set Card Galleries
1st Edition

TCG Set Card Lists

Spoiler Card List
== TCG ==

DR Series One:
Colossal Nightmare - Heavenly Power - Ancient Ruins - Infinite Blizzard - Flame of Hope

DR Special Edition Sets:
Colossal Nightmare - Heavenly Power - Ancient Ruins - Infinite Blizzard

DR Duelist Packs:
Archie Rhodes

DR Reprint Series:
Ultimate Powers 1

DR Hyper Packs:
Hyper Pack: Booster One - Hyper Pack: Booster Two

DR Structure Decks:
Raging Blaze

DR Starter Decks:
Yu-Gi-Oh! DR Starter Deck 2010

DR Collectable Tins:
2009 DR Collectors' Tins - 2009 DR Exclusive Tins

DR Duel Terminals:
Duel Terminal - Rise of Iron

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