"We're nearly at the volcano." Said Jeremy.

Johnny nodded. They were about to start the final war. Keepers VS the Shadow Army. All of a sudden, 7 holograms appeared in fron of them all. They were the Shadow Army. With them, was a tall bald man. He was a member too.

"DAD!" Said Wes.

"Hmph. Wes. Yes the rumors are true. The Shadow Army gave me power!" He replied, laughing. His hologram disappeared. Joanna then noticed...

"JOSEPH! My brother, you..." Said Joanna.

"YES SIS! I'm in the Shadow Army, I expect to finish you off after what you've done to me!" He then laughed and also disappeared.

"Victor." Said Rikoryu.

"This is all your fault Rikoryu." Replied Victor, "When our time comes, I'll grind you down to dust!"

His hologram vanished.

"Seth. What do you want with me?" asked Johnny.

"Oh you'll see!" He replied.

Seth vanished.

"Old friend." Said Sarah to Zoe, "Ha ha ha!" then she disappeared.

"We were old friends." Said Zoe.

Abigail also vanished, with nothing to say.

This left Alex.

"Alex. How did I survive the night our parents died?" asked Archie.

"Oh you'll see," Said Alex, "I suggest you split up to find your Shadow Army enemy, as if you don't defeat all of us by sundown, we'll engulf the world in total darkness and enslave the earth!"

Alex disappeared. Archie was thinking hard to himself. It was then he saw a light, and then a creature. It was Skybound Immortal Helios Agen.

"Don't worry Archie. You're just one of the few people, with a bond with one of their cards so extreme, that they can see it's Duel Monster spirit. Now I'll be happy to help you, and keep you in game." It said.

Archie smiled and nodded. He was the only one who could see it. He then changed his mind to what Alex had said.

"Guys, we need to defeat the Shadow Army by sundown. So I'll go against Alex. I need to find out how I survived that night, and I need to get him back." Said Archie.

"I'll go against Seth," Said Johnny, "I need to defeat him since that first duel we had for revenge."

"I think that Victor'll want to choose me so I'll go after him." Said Rikoryu.

"I need to get my brother Joseph back too, like Archie needs his back." Said Joanna.

"I'll battle Sarah, since she's my old friend. I need to find out what happened." Chose Zoe.

"Archie and Joanna need their brothers, and I need my dad, John." Wes told them.

"I guess that leaves me with Abigail." Jeremy announced.

"Now we've chose our enemies, we can go forward, and defeat the Shadow Army!" Said Archie.

"LET'S GO!" Said all the Keeper Team together.

Continued on Yu-Gi-Oh! DR Chapter 9

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