Season 1 Chapter Listing Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Chapter Release Date Featured Card
1 The Ultimate Truth 24th August 2009 Guardian of the Light Helios Ultimatum
2 Rise from the Earth! Godril Master of the Universe 5th September 2009 Godril Master of the Universe
3 The Keeper Team 12th September 2009 Galespire Hammerfist
4 The First Legendary Battle, Double Dark Masters 19th September 2009 Genex Triarm
5 A Member Leaves, a Member Joins 26th September 2009 Infinity Beast - Rainbow Warrior
6 Battle! The Shadow Army Leader! 3rd October 2009 Dark Master - Emperor Infinity
7 Zoe Tekishi 10th October 2009 Miracle Dragon
8 The Dark Duels Begin 14th October 2009 Skybound Immortal Helios Agen
9 The Finals Begin, Zoe VS Sarah 17th October 2009 Naturia Beast
10 How it Happened 31st October 2009 Dark Master - Skull Archfiend
11 The Spatial War, Johnny VS Seth! 7th November 2009
12 Entry to the Darkness 14th November 2009
13 The Rise of the Shadow Army 21st November 2009
14 Father and Son, the Death Match! 28th November 2009

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